Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Venture Chronicle: Zyvex Corporation (Texas)

A Video from: Zyvex Corporation 
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Nano Tech 2002-2013 International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference

This conference is among the largest nanotechnology related exhibitions (other noteworthy exhibitions are the research/business oriented Nanotech Conference & Expo in California since 1998 and the Hannover MESSE in Germany). Nano Tech Japan has been held once a year since 2002. According to their report, in 2012 a total of 649 exhibitors (out of which there were 185 overseas exhibitors from 21 countries) welcomed about 45,000 visitors during the three-day exhibition period. 

Hmm.. it could be a little bit more open to foreign participants.


How to build an industrial cluster?

This is one of the central questions in this blog and in my research. This is not only a question of top-down policy for national or municipal governments, but a quest to find out how these fascinating clusters of industrial activity actually form and evolve.

To review some of the recipes to create a cluster that are often mentioned in the literature:

1.    Industry, government and education should work together and influence each other 
2.    Finance: VCs, consultants, financial organizations should be around
3.    Law firms and IP consulting should help to clear the legal issues
4.    PROs: universities and research institutes should be around to continuously produce new knowledge and offer fresh, young workforce
5.    Powerful and successful firms, or at least one, seems to be a key ingredient
6.    Dense local networks, with many bridges to other networks: the region should be open to the world
7.    Good Infrastructure and accessibility (+ good restaurants, bars, livable environment, weather)
8.    An environment where it is easy to fail and easy to recreate firms: need to evolve firms
9.    Free flow of ideas, tools, good networking possibilities
10.  Large labor mobility (human capital, social capital) is often said to be a major element
11.  Necessity for collaboration (cannot be done in one single organization)
12.  Integrating scientific and commercial instead of separating it
13. Heterogeneous institutions and cross-institutional influences

And many others...
The blog does not focus on nano/biotechnology itself. Instead my interest lies in studying the developing industries, companies and technologies in these fields.

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